THE ART OF ADORNMENT with Kirsten Albrecht

Thursday 26 Mar 2020, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Kirsten Albrecht is coming to The Johnston Collection with a very special presentation for The Friends, with The Art of Adornment.

Synonymous with beautiful jewels in Melbourne for over 165 years, Kozminsky, located on the corner of Bourke and McKillop streets, had designed, restored and cared for people’s most precious treasures, with an amazing reputation for quality, care and trust. In March 2017, after 165 years of operation, the Albrecht family, with whom Kirsten worked for over 40 years, closed down this Melbourne tradition, their Bourke Street store, and Kirsten took some time off for family and travel.

Returning to Australia, Kirsten found she needed a raison d’être and so decided to relaunch Kozminsky as a small, above-the-street business with a strong online presence, selling antique, vintage and contemporary jewellery, some of which is designed and made by her new business partner, Dat Van.

The new home for Kozminsky is now in Collins Street, a new location for a new salon and a new concept. During 2019, The Friends twice had the opportunity to visit and hear more about what the team at Kozminsky is doing, plus to enjoy the entertaining and most interesting presentations about jewellery and the history of some of the most amazing pieces, and their designers.

The Art of Adornment, whereby adornment is used to establish a personal and social identity, will be a fascinating evening and another chance to hear more from Kirsten Albrecht about precious jewels.

Kozminsky Logo, courtesy of Kozminsky




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