COLOURING THE WALLS: eclectic art decoration in late-Victorian Australian interiors with Andrew Montana

Wednesday 18 Oct 2023, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

The Melbourne based decorating firm the Paterson Brothers were at the forefront of the decorating business in Melbourne and Victoria in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods and brought art and decoration together. 

Most of their domestic work has been obliterated or the residences demolished, Villa Alba in Kew being the mostly extant, remaining example. Art decoration, namely the decorative painting and stencilling of interiors during this period was huge in Australia, and often included the painting of furniture and architectural fitments, before and then alongside the growing fashion for rich wallpaper treatments.

This lecture brings forward significant examples of interior decorative work in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide by art decorators, including Alfred Tischbauer whose work is represented in TJC (A1205), and emphasises art decoration’s then perceived role in advancing the progress of culture, society, and civilisation.

ANDREW MONTANA is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow with the Australian National University and was a senior lecturer in Art History for almost 20 years. The author of books, chapters and articles, he engages with the intersections of art, architecture, design and decorative art in his research.

Montana has spoken previously at TJC on DANIEL COTTIER'S AESTHETIC OF BEAUTY 1: Lyon, Cottier & Co. in Sydney and Melbourne (2022) and DANIEL COTTIER'S AESTHETIC OF BEAUTY 2: Cottier in the UK and in the US (2022); BALLET FANTASIAS | Loudon Sainthill’s Decorative Art (2014).

He is the author of FANTASY MODERN: Loudon Sainthill’s Theatre of Art and Life (NewSouth, 2013). Montana’s most recent publication, along with Petra ten-Doesschate Chu, Max Donnelly, and Suzanne Veldink, is DANIEL COTTIER: Designer, Decorator, Dealer (May 2021).

This lecture is presented on-site at TJC. Please see your ticket for details.

This lecture is supported by The Colin Holden Charitable Trust.

image | Alfred Tischbauer (Australian, American, 1853-1922), Interior with portiere (circa 1885), watercolour on paper | 245 x 150 mm, The Johnston Collection, (A1205)


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