VIRTUAL LECTURE (LIVE) | THE PROBLEMATIC STATUE: a brief history of debunking and desecrating public monuments with Geoffrey Edwards

Wednesday 27 Oct 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

The toppling and vandalizing of prominent statues around the world has been an all-too-frequent news item in recent times. Citing the alleged moral failure or criminal culpability of the toppled subjects, the wrath of outraged crowds has focused on grand sculptural representations of kings, presidents, dictators and celebrated historical identities including Christopher Columbus, Captain James Cook, assorted Confederate generals and Cecil Rhodes.

But this is hardly a modern-day phenomenon. The problematic statue takes a look at the surprisingly long tradition of trashing public art in the interests of re-writing history.

GEOFFREY EDWARDS has had a long and distinguished career as a curator, lecturer and gallery director.

Join Geoffrey Edwards as he presents his lecture ‘THE PROBLEMATIC STATUE’ via ZOOM. Please ensure you have downloaded and signed up to Zoom before the lecture begins

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This online lecture is supported by The Colin Holden Charitable Trust

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Image supplied: William Walcutt Pulling down the statue of George III at Bowling Green, NY, 1776 (1857)

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