SAVAGE NATIONALISM | Tartan from William Wallace to Alexander McQueen with Dorothy Morgan

Wednesday 22 Jun 2016, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Is tartan a fabric or a design, a marketing opportunity or a tool of imperialism, a fashion statement or a subversive weapon, a rallying call to a nation or the means of its oppression? From fierce Caledonian warriors to high fashion runways, tartan is a synonym for Scotland, recognised around the world. How did this humble cloth come into being, change over the centuries, and become such a potent symbol?

DOROTHY MORGAN, an honours history graduate of The University of Melbourne, was Guest Curator of both the exhibition FLOWERING NEEDLES: embroidery from Elizabeth to Victoria, (2010) and the house tour FAIR HALL TO GLAD PARLOUR: The Flower, Its Beauty & Meaning in Art & Ornament (2011). with a particular interest in embroidery and textiles she has presented several lectures on related topics at both The Johnston Collection and other venues.

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