REPRO RETRO | Channelling 40s, 50s and 60s styles with Lesley Sharon Rosenthal

Thursday 9 Mar 2017, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

A curious phenomenon of 21st Century fashion is Repro Retro. Often worn by eccentric fashion subcultures, the clothing has evolved over generations to mimic aspects of times gone by. Throughout Australia and the world, in workshops, private sewing rooms, and sold online, stunning styles are being rebirthed as reproduction retro. With accents and fabric prints stolen from history, garments are reinterpreted for people nostalgic for a lost world of glamour and dramatic effect who wish to channel colour, character and charisma. Can repro retro clothing even top vintage originals? Is repro retro a backlash to today’s functional utilitarian sportswear looks? Lesley Sharon Rosenthal’s lecture will make you burn your puffer jacket!

LESLEY SHARON ROSENTHAL is a writer and filmmaker with a love of history. Her films Boutique Magnifique, and Chapel of Chicdocumented the history of Collins Street's fashion through its high-end boutiques and Chapel Street’s history of fashion over a 100 years

The Johnston Collection is delighted to be a participant in the VIRGIN AUSTRALIA MELBOURNE FASHION FESTIVAL 2017 ARTS PROGRAM with three special lectures in March. The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival is an annual celebration of fashion, beauty, business and creative endeavour for everyone to enjoy.

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