Pantry Pest Repellent Sachets (Thurlby): Indigo

Pantry Pest Repellent Sachets (Thurlby): Indigo

$ 25.00

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Most of us enjoy hosting family, friends, and guests around the table at dinner parties and celebrations. Those unwanted guests around the food in the pantry and cupboards, though, aren’t so welcome.Say goodbye to nasty pests in your kitchen and pantry after you purchase these handmade all-natural Pantry Pest Repellent sachets. They use a blend of rosemary, lavender, wormwood, cloves, and essential oils to keep those unwelcome pests out of your kitchen cupboards and pantry.They come in homespun fabric, with a loop to make hanging them in pantries and cupboards handy and easy. They come in, the nasties go out! * Set of 3 * Patterns vary * Hand Made at Thurlby Herb Farm Western Australia * Approx dimensions of each sachet 10.5cm x 10cm x 3cm