ON FRENCH HOUSE CHIC with Jane Webster

Thursday 8 Nov 2018, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

When we found a run-down chateau of Bosgouet, we'd been dreaming of buying a house in France for some time. We'd become obsessed with the idea of living in the French countryside, of learning a new language and traditions, and of giving our children a new perspective on the world. … The adventure brought us together as a family more strongly than ever, and we found a sense of harmony here in the French countryside.

In the more than ten years since Jane Webster moved her young family to France, she has spent countless hours observing French style and inspiring people to adopt a French way of life as well. This illustrated talk on French House Chic includes intimate imagery of never-before seen French houses as well as Jane’s personal introduction to suppliers, creators and stores. Be inspired by Webster's very personal and charming story of a lifetime of cultivating an eye for style and bringing it to life in their own home as well as a thoughtful depiction of French country life.

JANE WEBSTER is the author of At My French Table (2014), French Ties (2012), French House Chic (2018) and the soon to be released Chateau Life by Assouline (2018).  She spends six months in France each year where she runs cooking classes and food and wine tours. Webster runs The French Table from her magnificent home, the Château Bosgouet in Normandy. She spends six months in France each year where she organizes cultural tours and cooking classes throughout the region.

detail of illustration from French House Chic
Jane Webster published by Thames & Hudson (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

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