‘IN NO WAY DOES SHE RESEMBLE A WOMAN’: Queen Christina of Sweden and her reception in 17th century Rome with Lisa Beaven

Wednesday 27 Mar 2013, 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

This lecture explores the extraordinary personality of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689), who abdicated, converted to Catholicism and moved to Rome in 1654. In particular it looks at the effect she had on the social life and the people of Rome, who were in equal parts scandalised, attracted and repelled by this fascinating and controversial figure.

Drawing on contemporary descriptions of her, and on the artwork, she collected, this lecture seeks to establish how she used culture and science to project an image that countered the negative publicity and rumours that surrounded her.

Lisa Beaven is a Lecturer in Art History, La Trobe University. Beaven teaches the first-year course Art from Renaissance to Impressionism, as well as courses on European art and travel and Baroque Art.

Follower of Sébastien Bourdon, Portrait of Christina, Queen of Sweden (1626-1689), half-length, seated, in a black and white dress, before a draped curtain in an interior, oil on canvas

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