Dream Sack (Thurlby): Maharani

Dream Sack (Thurlby): Maharani

$ 18.00

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Nothing gets you better prepared for whatever the day might throw at you like a good night’s sleep. Sometimes, though, getting a good night’s sleep can be more elusive than getting a cheap rent in Sydney. Place a Dream Sack sachet near your pillow, and watch those sleepless nights disappear. Filled with herbs and oils specially blended to help you fall asleep and stay that way, the Dream Sack is made of lovely sari fabric and will fill your home with a warm, earthy, heavenly herbal fragrance. The Dream Sack’s herbal blend is specially designed to have a long-lasting scent and will end your days with sweet dreams for many nights to come. Maharani Dream Sack features: * Hand crafted in Western Australia. * Includes a delicate mixture of herbs and oils for a lasting fragrance. * Made from ingredients from sustainable sources. * Perfect for enhancing your sleep and adds a sweet, earthy fragrance to your home. * Presented in a Thai silk bag embellished with gold and silver thread. * PLEASE NOTE: THIS DREAM SACK IS AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF COLOURS . WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, YOUR COLOUR WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM AND SENT TO YOU.  Approx dimensions: 17cm x 11cm x 6cm  

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