DREAM ON: Jung & Freud with Sophie Errey

Wednesday 13 Jul 2016, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams (1899) and Jung’s development of ideas of the collective unconscious and archetypal symbols have profoundly affected contemporary culture at all levels, from the most popular to the most intellectually sophisticated. We will explore their related but different thinking, and how it has changed ideas about what role dreams play in our inner and outer landscape.  

SOPHIA ERREY is an artist, art educator and writer. She has lectured widely in the visual arts both historical and contemporary including developing and teaching a course on Art and Psychoanalysis. Her last lecture at The Johnston Collection was IDENTITY & ROMANCE: The Celtic Revival in Jewellery and Objects 

Group photo 1909 in front of Clark University. Front row, Sigmund Freud, G. Stanley Hall, Carl Jung. Back row, Abraham Brill, Ernest Jones, Sándor Ferenczi. Public Domain

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