Card (Gabby Malpas): Waterlilies and Cherries

Card (Gabby Malpas): Waterlilies and Cherries

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The art of Gabby Malpas is delicate, refined and zen-like. She works on high quality art paper which she stitches together to add texture, or glues antique paper to, “It doesn’t matter about the language, its the age that matters.” Most of her serene and intricate work is painted at the kitchen table, and her husband often tinkers with his motorbike on the tiled floor right next to her. Gabby trained as a ceramic artist in New Zealand, and has worked in London and South-East Asia, but now resides in Sydney. IN THIS CARD TITLED _'WATERLILIES AND CHERRIES'_ THE ARTIST ILLUSTRATES WATERLILIES, GINGER JAR AND CHERRIES  * PORTRAIT CARDS: 116MM X 160MM * CARD BLANK INSIDE weight: 0.020g