CLOTHED IN THE EXOTIC | India’s Influence on European Fashion with Sophia Errey

Wednesday 14 Mar 2018, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

From the 16th century to the present European fashion has used the astonishingly rich and varied fabrics and personal adornments of the sub-continent to inspire, incorporate and exploit. We will look at examples of the remarkable development of Indian textiles and jewellery, and the ongoing traffic with the West, which has changed the way we dress.

SOPHIA ERREY is an artist, art educator and writer. She is continuing to research historical and ethnic influences on fashion, the topic of her PhD. Her most recent lecture at The Johnston Collection was The Lion, the Lamb and the Watchamacallit.

This lecture is a part of THE ART OF INDIA STUDY SERIES. Presented by well-known art, social and cultural historians, the ART OF INDIA study series will explore the artistic, social and cultural worlds where objects, interiors and design meet.

The lectures and events will consider how historical contemporary ideas connect and convey meanings that celebrate culture in the making.

Peignoir, circa 1812-14 Indian ikat dyed muslin, garment made in Great Britain collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, T.798-1913, given by Messrs Harrods Ltd | image supplied and used with permission

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