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Book: All the Buildings in Melbourne: ...that I've Drawn so Far

Book: All the Buildings in Melbourne: ...that I've Drawn so Far

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JAMES GULLIVER HANCOCK is an artist and illustrator. His work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, and he has worked with a wide variety of high-profile clients, including Coca-Cola, the New York Times, and Herman Miller Furniture. This is his fourth book. The other books in the series are All the Buildings in New York, All the Buildings in Sydney and All the Buildings in London. _ALL THE BUILDINGS IN MELBOURNE_ is a journey through the exciting city of Melbourne, told through his unique and charming cityscape drawings that pay tribute to the city's diverse architectural styles. James' buildings are colourful and packed with fun and offbeat details, yet they still capture the technical elements and the essence of the architecture that makes Melbourne such a beautiful city. Organised by neighbourhoods, the book features iconic Melbourne structures, such as the Arts Centre and the iconic Flinders Street Station, as well as the everyday buildings that give the city its character - the terrace houses in Fitzroy, the Melbourne trams and of course, the ubiquitous coffee scene. * Hardcover * 64 pages * Product Dimensions: 25.8 x 1.6 x 19.9 cm