BY POPULAR DEMAND | POWER DRESSING: Marie Antoinette & the fashion that brought down the Ancien Regime with Sylvia Sagona

Saturday 13 Mar 2010, 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

This lecture will investigate the layers of social, cultural and political significance that lay beneath the seemingly frivolous changes in fashion instigated by Marie Antoinette from the time she arrived in Paris as a teenager to her death on the scaffold.

By presenting herself as an individual with outrageous coiffures, male outfits and peasant dresses, she flouted French royal traditions and was considered a traitor to her class and country. Style does matter.

SYLVIA SAGONA is a Fellow of the School of Languages at the University of Melbourne specialising in 19th century French art and society.

SOLD OUT This event is currently at capacity. If you wish to be added to the waitlist, please email or call The Johnston Collection on (03) 9416 2515 and we will contact you if places become available.