BUTTONED UP: Oh it’s only buttons with Sally Buttons

Wednesday 12 Sep 2012, 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

This talk will consider buttons in the time of Charles Dickens. Sally “Buttons” will include regimental and civilian examples. She will discuss ‘plebeian and practical’ methods of manufacture and materials used. Size, positioning, number and the status gained by these aspects will also be considered. With Sally’s informative and informal approach there will be a wealth of anecdotes along the way.

SALLY “BUTTONS”, is a Cornishwoman and colourful antiquarian, noted for her eclectic knowledge. Past President of The Brighton Antique Collectors’ Club, French speaking, world travelled raconteuse, teacher, potter, weaver, silversmith and collector. Graduate of London and Deakin universities, marriage celebrant and for 25 years, a “button nut” who is always willing to share her passions.

A Real Brummagem Boy, published by GS (Gabriel Shear) Tregear (1802–1841), London

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