TJC Fluid Borders: Ways of Seeing Oriental Rugs by Susan Scollay

TJC Fluid Borders: Ways of Seeing Oriental Rugs by Susan Scollay

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Oriental rugs and carpets have had wide and lasting appeal in the West and of all the imported Asian art forms none have been so successfully assimilated into European culture as the oriental rug.  'Fluid Borders: Ways of Seeing Oriental Rugs,' explores the impact of oriental rugs on western décor, art and thinking and traces the history of this fascinating branch of textile art. Through rugs from a wide range of traditions and styles, Fluid Borders seeks to highlight the ‘fluidity’ of oriental carpets, emphasizing their wide appeal and long geographic reach across ethnic and cultural groups and across ever-changing imperial and national borders.  Fluid Borders: Ways of Seeing Oriental Rugs is published to coincide with an illustrated talk and exhibition held at The Johnston Collection Gallery from Monday 5 July 2010 - Friday 22 October 2010.  Dr Susan Scollay is an independent art historian specialising in Islamic art and culture and in historic textiles. She is a contributing editor to HALI, the prestigious, London-based journal of carpet, textile and Islamic art, and is a fellow of The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain. Susan has been a regular lecturer at The Johnston Collection since 2008 and in 2010 was guest curator of Fluid Borders: Ways of Seeing Oriental Rugs.  Format: Paperback Publisher The WR Johnston Trust Published 2010 Pages 34 ISBN 978-0-9805720-3-2

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