A HOME OF ONE’S OWN | Summer at TJC 2023|24

18 Oct 2023 - 11 Feb 2024

The ultimate test of a room, or space, whether inside or out, is if it makes you want to stay there and it is hard to drag yourself away.
Charles, Prince of Wales (2015)

A room, a space, a house, or a garden, should convey a sense of safety and a feeling, hopefully, of permanence. Rooms should be a place of calm, retreat from the cares of the busyness of the outside world – a sanctuary.

A Home of One’s Own will allow visitors to discover the rooms of Fairhall and its antiques that have been gathered over time. The arrangements will show a warmth of personality and hospitality arranged to represent an absent owner and a steadiness of time and place.

Rooms will breathe with a love of objects that decorate Fairhall and infuse it with a casual atmosphere of the enjoyment of putting objects together in arrangements, elevating the ordinary alongside the beautiful. Objects that have been passed on to be reused and collections that have developed over many years, have had the capacity to evolve, allowing new enthusiasms to continue from the old.

It is within the spirit of continuity that there is a sense of safety, permanence, and retreat in A Home of One’s Own.

This exhibition is supported by The Friends of The Johnston Collection.

All images by Simon Griffiths Photography

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